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Artist, Dramaturg and Director

About my work

  • Performance spaces as civic spaces

  • Playful experiences for all ages

  • Inviting authenticity through artificialities and games

  • Making accessible performances that don't rely on knowing how you are supposed to act in the theatre

  • Performances as gifts

Dirty Rascals

Dirty Rascals is a collective of artists that combines art forms to create vital, disruptive, genre-defying performances. We create shows that revel in their own liveness, shows that are radical, honest and thoughtful. Above all, we create shows with the specific audience that is right here, right now.


The company was founded by Pavlos Christodoulou and Jeremy Wong in 2016. Dirty Rascals is proud to have been one of New Diorama Theatre’s Graduate Emerging Companies (2017/18).


Games and Play

My practice focuses on live, participatory experiences where audiences encounter each other through play and discussion. My aim is to create spaces that are warm and inviting, and then that can provoke and invite revelation and reflection. I developed this practice in a concentrated period as part of a series called Turbulence, and have since created work like this for The Yard Theatre, Anti-University and The World Transformed.

Director and Dramaturg

I began directing my own work professionally in 2015 with the founding of Dirty Rascals. Over 6 years we produced a wide range of work in live and recorded performance. I also worked as a director extensively for Phosphoros Theatre, and have worked as a dramaturg and collaborator with a wide range of companies.

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