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Crimson Wave: Craft the Resistance

Created by Associate Artist Louise Wilcox

Previous Performances

22nd January 2018
2nd April and 4th September 2018
17th September 2018

Camden People's Theatre with Bez Kinte as part of Calm Down Dear 2018

Rosemary Branch Theatre as part of Dirty Rascals monthly Turbulence night

Camden People's Theatre as part of their Camden Underground Festival


Do you like labial lace, mammary mittens, yoni yarnwork and clitoral crochet? Do you find the constant battle with misogyny infuriating, tiring and never-ending? Do you have strong ingrained preconceptions about female bodies and the people in them?


Crimson Wave wants your help to craft the resistance against misogyny.


Using the power of arts, crafts and genital fluids, she will give you tools to aid you in your quest as a feminist warrior.


Join her in her craftivist bunker, a feminist utopia. Drawing on the practice of making as activism, we will use crafts to reveal, confront, and ultimately attempt to purge our entrenched misogyny.


This project was originally developed in association with Bez Kinte, along with support from Arts Council England and CPT.

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Creative Team

Louise Wilcox - Artist

Pavlos Christodoulou - Dramaturg

Jeremy Wong - Producer

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