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An Evening with the Mantis from Atlantis

By Nina Bowers

Camden People's Theatre

7th-8th  March 2020


Ticket link

Mantis Portrait Final.jpg

This is the story of The Mantis from Atlantis

It’s a myth from the future

It’s a blast from the past

It’s about what comes last

And it’s going to be fast….

Spend an evening with The Mantis from Atlantis. Born in the depths of our oceans and rejected into the dark void of space, The Mantis from Atlantis is trying figure out how to live between extremes. Dive into the blue, splash around, lose yourself as gravity slips away! This astrological outsider wants to share the secrets of the deep through song, dance, poetry and existential dread.

Float away with them through a poetic creation myth, an aquatic alien cabaret – but which way is up, when there’s nothing but blue?

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