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Previous Work

I've been working in the industry for 7 years and in that time have worked in lots of contexts. Below here is some more detail on some of the shows I've worked on.

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You are invited to the ultimate test of brains, brawn, and brilliance. Over a series of rounds developed by Accredited Gameshow Experts, our three contestants will battle it out to win the title of “Most Admirable Person”. Their friends and families certainly think they’re admirable. The real question is, DO YOU?

Dirty Rascals- Director and Performer
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Dirty Rascals- Director and Performer

Every month, we will test a different theme or idea. We can’t promise that the ride will always be easy or comfortable, but it will be honest, it will be bold and it will be without judgement. Each evening will end with time for free and open discussion.

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Phosphoros Theatre- Associate Director

Shortlisted for the Amnesty Freedom of Expression Award 2016, this unique emerging company stars four refugee young men who made the arduous journey to the UK on their own as children from Afghanistan, Eritrea and Albania. They have told their ‘stories’ repeatedly to the Home Office as part of seeking asylum and it is the desire to reclaim them that grounds Phosphoros Theatre’s innovative work.


This show is a Gift, it is the best Gift, No other Gift is better than this show.

Yard Theatre (Yard Youth)- Director

A show about the gifts we give each other, the gifts we receive, what makes a good gift and the joy in giving in to our guilty pleasures.

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